Private Number Plates

Private number plates are often assumed to be only for the rich and famous or are considered an extravagant purchase. This probably stems from the exclusivity of owning private number plates. Only one of each combination is issued meaning that you and only can you display your chosen number plates at any one time.

Private number plates don’t have to be flashy, they can sometimes look like a standard reg to anyone else but the meaning is clear to the owner; WIL 6679 was a standard issue number in Northern Ireland but to a William born on 6/6/1979 you can’t get more private number plates. Some private number plates are clearly personalised plates though, and yes, a little flashy! 54 RAS is really only for Sara’s car and GLO 55Y and 51 N are good examples of “look at me!” car registrations particularly if displayed on a fancy car.

Amongst some number plate enthusiasts there is an amount of snobbery when it comes to what should be considered cherished marks. Many only consider numbers that were issued to vehicles prior to 1963 to fall into this category (letters followed by numbers) and do not recognise later registrations (reversed – numbers then letters) to be as desirable. As many of these vehicles have long been destroyed these “dateless” number plates are considered to be more valuable. Classic car enthusiasts on the other hand disagree and many consider it very sad that the cars lose their original plates as their owners take advantage of a booming private number plates market and sell the numbers on.

Many companies choose private number plates for their vehicles. Imagine a fleet of 50 cars all lined up showing the company initials on their registration plates. If the company name is JMG Ltd then a consecutive list of prefix numbers e.g. L1 JMG through to L50 JMG would look very impressive and would be eye catching on the road, perhaps even a form of advertisement.

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